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How reliable is vinyl siding under a fight?

by ladynews

On sale there is a so -called vinyl tiled siding, copying an elite expensive natural material – wooden sidelines (Shindel). It is practically not distinguished from the original. For its manufacture from wooden planks, a silicone form is removed, exactly repeating the texture of the unprocessed cedar or larch.

Siding, like such a natural analogue, is capable of turning an ordinary house into a colonial mansion. The only thing that distinguishes artificial Schindel from natural is color.

Despite the diverse color palette of the presented products, they are all absolutely plain and cannot please the game of natural shades of wood. On the other hand, natural shindle is almost impossible to tint, while vinyl siding is painted in the mass, so it will never peel off and does not polish.

Siding is durable, relatively cheap, does not need special conditions for installation and care. When contaminating, it is enough to wash the facade with the usual soap solution.

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