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How the sandwich panels are mounted

by ladynews

If you need to build any building in a short time, then a sandwich panel will come to the rescue. They are also simply indispensable material for quick repair and restoration of buildings facades. Sandwich panels have many advantages: long service life, reliability, affordable price, high thermal insulation and ease of installation. But if you want to achieve a high -quality installation of sandwich panels, then in this case, be sure to contact professionals who know all the details of the installation of such structures.

There are only two installation methods – vertical and horizontal.

If the vertical installation of the sandwich panels is required, then it is necessary to start from the base of the corner of the building, where the trap is immediately installed. And then move vertically up to the desired height. Each tier should be laid with special seams. If necessary, then add a layer of mineral wool. All work is controlled by plumbing. The sandwich panel is put on the base of the building, crowded and fixed with self -tapping screws, and the fasteners are performed from top to bottom. All joints are treated with sealant for external work. The remaining panels are mounted similarly. In this case, it is regularly necessary to check the density of fitting the ridge in the locks.

If the installation of the panels is horizontal, then the basement and additional elements should be fixed initially. After that, lay mineral wool and foam. The peculiarity of installation in this case is such that the lower layer of the panels should be mounted with a groove down. The styling check is made at the points marked in advance. The number of screws with which the panels are fixed must be calculated in advance. Further, when installing the next layer, the panels are also laid down in grooves on the previous layer and fixed. All vertical joints are either laid with mounting foam or fill with mineral wool. And to maintain the beauty of the appearance on top, special stunks are applied. At the same time, in the nodal points it is necessary to use corner enlighteners in combination with the inputs.

When the installation of the walls is finished, go to the roof. If it is slope less than five percent, then you can use roofing panels. To prevent the formation of cracks in the joints, you need to immediately cut off the insulation protruding beyond the boundaries. Also remove a layer of mineral wool in terms of joints and cut off a few centimeters of the metal casing located below. Installation should start with the end, the panel is fixed with double thread self -tapping screws. You need to carefully ensure that the screw of the screw does not deform the sandwich panel, but simply adjacent to it very tightly. Further, all the joints are waterproofed, the folds bend and clamp. Well, the external design of the installed sandwich panels remains at the discretion of the owner of the structure.

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