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How to hang a chandelier on the ceiling

by ladynews

Installation of a chandelier

Chandelier is a decoration of the house that is definitely in every room. It gives comfort, warmth and grace. After all, with the help of the created chandelier “Game of Light” you can transform any room. Thanks to her, a small room can be expanded, spacious – narrow, simple – complicated. For this, various techniques, an extensive color scheme of light bulbs and complex structures have been created. This is understandable to everyone. How to hang a chandelier with your own hands? Let’s figure it out. In fact, this is very simple to do.

DIY chandelier installation

Necessary tool

If you decide to independently establish this interior item, then before work you need to stock up on a small set of tools, such as:

a screwdriver with an indicator;




insulating tape.

Safety regulations

Disconnect electricity in the apartment. To do this, press the switch button on the counter in the shield. We control the correctness of actions by an attempt to include light in this room. Does not burn? So, you can get for work. If, nevertheless, the uncertainty in our abilities remains or not a light bulb, then we bring a screwdriver to the wires in the ceiling, the indicator must remain the same. If it caught fire, the electric current is still present. After that, turn on the flashlight with poor natural light.

Typically, the lighting device is installed on a special hook, which should withstand up to 5 kg of weight. It should be checked for strength. For example, hanging a bag of cereal. If everything is fine for several minutes, we begin to move on. Wrap the hook with several layers of island for our own safety. In the absence of a hook, we fasten the plank to the ceiling with dowels and screws.

Stages of installation of a chandelier

Work with wires

The next important step is the determination of the types of wire. They consist of two phase, designed for a circuit breaker and one zero, carried out in an installation box. Typically, according to accepted standards, phase ends of the wires are indicated using black and brown, zero – blue, and yellow and green are used for protective grounding.

We remove the insulating tape from the ends of the wire and dilute them in different directions so that they do not close. The bare length of each of them should be at least 0.5 cm. Turn on the light in the apartment again. Having put a screwdriver of the bare part, we will see that when touched to the zero end of the wire, the indicator does not change externally. It is in a disabled state, and phase wires cause this tool to turn on. After the experiment, we note the “zero” with an insulating tape so as not to forget.

Distinctive features of chandeliers

Next, bring the chandelier to the room and collect it according to the instructions. Similarly to the previous process, we determine the types of wire tips.

It should be noted that quite often there is a situation when the wires of the chandeliers are hidden, t.e. They can be located in a cartridge or in a special terminal box. Therefore, in this case, it will be necessary to include two wiring in the socket at the same time. As a result, with the right process in each case, half the lamps in the chandelier should light up. The wire that will be used in both cases will be zero. In this case, the rule will be valid that when the interaction of one phase and one zero wire, half of the chandelier bulbs light up. Now you need to turn off the electricity again, hang the assembled device on the hook and connect the wires.

The final stage

It becomes logical and understandable that the zero wire of the chandelier is connected to the zero tip in the ceiling, and the phase, respectively, by the method of twisting. Only the wires made of aluminum and copper are prohibited from each other, because these two metal reacts that negatively affects the entire connection. A special device is produced for them – a block that does not allow two chemical elements to interact with each other.

After the connection, we turn on the electricity and check the correctness of the procedure. Now it remains only to twist the missing elements. That’s all. Turn on the chandelier and rejoice at the result. May there be light!

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