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How to insulate the house

by ladynews

Asshed scheme of heat loss in a two -story house

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a new house, or repairs the old one, the main thing is its high -quality insulation. But with today’s huge assortment of all kinds of insulation materials, this is not difficult to do. Modern technological insulation will help make your home warmer and save significantly on the heating of the house.

What to pay attention to when warming the house.

First of all, you should pay attention to the walls of the house. If the house is wooden, then through poorly insulated logs or corners of the house, heat will go away in a short time. But even if the house is brick, heat can go through the cracks in the window blocks. In this case, they need to be additionally propenced and insulated. Fit the walls carefully with your hands. Places that seem colder to you or they are wet, most likely are voids. They should be filled with mounting foam and insulated.

When the walls are thoroughly insulated, you need to move on to insulation of the ceiling. Even if it seems to you that it is not blown, it must be done. The flow of cold air at the top is invisible, but it is able to very quickly pick up heat from the room. Any insulation is suitable for these purposes, even simple sawdust can increase the thermal insulation of the ceiling.

For additional insulation, walls and floor can be sheathed with drywall sheets. This environmentally friendly material will not affect the microclimate in the house and make it even warmer.

To date, the simplest way of insulation is a layer of isolon, which is placed under the floor. There is a linoleum on a warmed basis in the construction market, one of it will be enough for a country house.

Modern thermal insulation materials.

But it is better to use modern materials for insulation of your home. It can be basalt slabs, foam, isopan, polystyrene foam, ecovata, etc. D. All of them have high strength, environmentally friendly and do not emit toxic substances, have refractory, durable, immune to ultraviolet and sharp temperature jumps.

Thanks to all these advantages of modern heaters, it is possible to achieve significant savings on the heating of the house. Which will allow in a very short time to recoup its value. But with high-quality insulation, you should not forget to install supply and exhaust ventilation so that the house is not only warm, but also breathe comfortably.

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