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How to properly warm the floor in a wooden house

by ladynews

How to properly warm the floor in a wooden house? Many are interested in this issue, because everyone wants at home to be comfortable and warm. This is not easy to do, but possible. The optimum floor temperature should be a couple of degrees more than indoor. Very often they choose wooden houses due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly, therefore, when you choose a Rockwall insulation price, you will certainly like it for the floor, do not forget that it is also environmentally friendly. Another insulation should last more than one year. He must also have very good heat -insulating properties. But do not forget about the fact that it should be comfortable.

Mineral cotton wool and polystyrene heaters are more often used for insulation of a wooden house. These materials are laid in the same way. Black floor should be put on the lags, after which there is a layer of insulating material. The next thing to do is put the final flooring. To date, the developers have come up with a black space on the Black Paul. They say that this will make great thermal insulation. But this is suitable only if you have chosen insulation using polystyrene foam.

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