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Metal tiles: properties, characteristics and installation

by ladynews

Metal tile is considered one of the most reliable and economical building materials. It is produced by professional companies that profile roll steel on a special equipment for this. Metal tile is in great demand in modern construction. The aesthetic properties of roofing material are perfectly combined with the performance characteristics. The mass of the material is small, so its installation will not create a load on the structure.

The service life of metal tiles is very large-up to 50 years. The cost of modern material is low, so it is available to many. If the form of the pitched roof is simple, then the laying of labor panels will not be. Keep in mind that the installation of a complex roof may be quite laborious, and there will be a lot of waste. The standard material is fixed with self -tapping screws, but there are also materials on the market that will be mounted without the formation of holes. In this case, the sheets are connected by locks, and attached to the crate they are hidden. At the Odintsovo plant of light structures, another version of the metal tile is produced, the panels of which are equipped with a hole, which will be attached to the crate.

The material is supplied from the warehouse in standard sheets or to the size of a certain roof. If you have chosen the second option, that is, you ordered the material according to the size of the roof, then do not forget that the long panels are not easy to transport and store. If at least one element is damaged, then it will not be easy to replace it, and it is not cheap.

When doing the work, you will have to cut metal -tank sheets using a special hacksaw or electric scissors for this purpose. In no case do not use grinding machines with abrasive disks, since there is a risk of burning the coating and provoking metal corrosion. When installing roofs, caps, apple and front planes are used, as well as other branded components. For fastening sheets, self -tapping screws with rubber gaskets made of artificial rubber are used, which is considered resistant to various natural phenomena. When choosing metal tiles, you need to contact only companies that have already managed to prove themselves well in the construction market.

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