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New environmentally friendly buses London

by ladynews

The famous red buses of London became a little greener. Five new buses of the city are now working on electricity, not fuel.  New vehicles will be deployed at those points of London where air pollution cause a special concern of ecologists.

New buses of Londona were developed by the Chinese company BYD.

A new bus is a conditioned two -story red bus, which resembles a standard British bus. The bus is powered by batteries, which are enough for 305 km of path. Charger will be installed in a bus park in the north of London, where the buses will be recharged every four hours.

A shift in favor of environmental public transport in London is not news. The fact that such measures are planned was announced last summer at the Clean Bus summit.

Interestingly, the operating costs of new buses are much lower than for traditional buses. And this is an additional bonus, in addition to the fact that buses are highlighted by zero emissions.

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