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Nursery in the parent bedroom

by ladynews

A new member has appeared in the family, and this brings a lot of trouble and you have to think about the children’s corner. Nowadays, a lot of diverse children’s furniture has appeared, and many parents make furniture on their own or order. The changing tables are very functional. A table with two sides, is available only on top, and the lower part is equipped with drawers, that is, you have a chest of drawers for things.

Near the changing table, it is advisable to install the shelves in order to store diapers, various children’s creams and wet wipes there, and they were always at hand in mom. But sometimes there is not enough space, especially after installing the crib, and you also need to buy a closet in order to store children’s things in it and there is nowhere to put a table. In this case, it is better to make a folding table.

If you make a table yourself, then a board or countertop should be firmly attached to the wall. And you need some kind of device for a clear and strong fixation in a folded position. Fence can be made of wood, and attached using loops.

Mom put a crib of a child near their bed so as not to run around every cry of the baby. In this case, it will be easier to extend your hand, feel the dummy and offer the baby to continue a pleasant sleep. But if the room is small, then place a large bed and a baby cradle in it, window insulation will require. It’s clear that no one will put the cradle to the window, but they will put an adult bed in order to free up a little space, for example, for the table. We advise you to replace old windows with modern, even before the birth of the baby.

You decided to change the windows in the bedroom, then experts advise choosing windows from a solid company, with good reviews from buyers. The main thing is not to muffle, even if the wind from the side of the bedroom. Such windows do not miss the cold from the street and do not release heat, but all thanks to the coating. But we must remember that such a coating does not give a 100% effect, but the result is.

Experts advise, the choice of the window should be made not only with a hermetic frame, but also with a valve for ventilation of the room. The valve is located at the top of the window and, ventilating the room in calm weather, you will have fresh in your room. The valve can be adjusted, depending on the degree of air pass. When the street is very windy, it is worth completely closing this valve, and when mom and child go for a walk, you need to completely open the valve. But know, the valve will never let the room overcool, unlike a simple window.

For the safety of the baby, experts advise buying windows with special fittings. Key and blocking window. These devices will help you open a little window so that the baby can not completely open and God forbid will fall out. When choosing a window, it should be taken into account that it is covered with a protective film. If the child breaks the glass or launches something solid into it, then the glass will not crumble and will not injure the baby, but will remain on the film.

According to designers, if the baby lives in the parental room, then it should be zoned. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and not very attractive is to divide the room by installing a large cabinet. When zoning the room, the baby should be highlighted, the brightest part of it, but you should not put its crib at the window, next to the battery.

It looks more beautiful if the room shares the room. But it should be attached to the wall or ceiling, unlike the cabinet that is not attached. On the storyteller, the main thing is to correctly establish objects that the light from the window, freely fall into the fenced part of the room.

If the parents have a one -room apartment, then there is no question of building or overhaul or overhaul, but it is worth considering that for the child it is necessary to change the floor and experts advise placing a cork floor, it is important that he is very warm, smooth and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft and even soft It looks good, though it’s not cheap.

The easiest and cheapest way is linoleum. It is good because it can be washed, and hygiene is very important for the baby. After all, he can, when he plays, take a thing into his mouth right from the floor.

For the safety of the child, parents often lay the carpet, but it must be kept clean and in this will help you, at least a washing vacuum cleaner. But when the child takes the first steps, then, of course, he should do this on the carpet than on a clean floor. For the room where the child lives, you should choose washing wallpaper. On the reverse side, it is not recommended to use washing wallpaper, since they are applied to the film, and there should be breathing materials in the room.

You can paste the wallpaper for painting and as they roll out, you can tint them. But so that the paint is not toxic.

Experts advise using fluorescent lamps, because they are more suitable as daylight.

When the baby grows up, he will have to move to another room, the new room should be given attractiveness so that the child does not be sad around the parental room. The room should have, not only new toys, but also a sports complex, so that the child would receive new impressions and would not miss.

When a child was allocated a separate room, you should think about transforming furniture. For example, a bunk bed, a desk below, and at the top a bed with reliable sides. But such a bed is appropriate in a room where there is little space, or a brother or sister still lives in the room.

But parents should remember the security of the child. The furniture should not have protruding screws. It is very difficult to find furniture with rounded edges, but there are plastic overlays on the corners on sale. Moreover, not everyone can afford to change furniture at the birth of a child.

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