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by ladynews

The lighting system installed in the office room plays a very important role and during the repair it needs to be paid special attention. The rules and procedure for covering various working zones are regulated according to international standards. For example, the illumination of working surfaces in the working area should be at least 500 lux, and at least 300 lcs are allowed in the motion area. Compliance with standards provides not only the comfort of employees at their workplaces, but also helps to avoid ophthalmological diseases that are inevitable in case of improper light.

In addition to standards, there is a concept of light separation of zones, according to which the level of basic lighting and additional backlighting helps to achieve the desired visual effect. For example, taken in the reception light on the Respokshn strut, will highlight the main place in this room, hiding auxiliary zones with additional lighting. To give a certain style, decorative illumination is often used, the reflected lighting system or the so -called “warm” light is used. But in any case, the average illumination of working surfaces must comply with the standards.

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