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Practical ceiling in the kitchen

by ladynews

When choosing materials for finishing the ceiling part of the kitchens, people most often opt for stretch -type designs. This type of ceiling is very practical in installation and does not need additional care during operation. No need to putty, close cracks and fear attacks of the sudden activity of the neighbors from above. Placing such a ceiling in the kitchen immediately pushes the question “whether it is possible to wipe it?”Since in this room there are constantly moices of humidity with temperature surges. For installation in kitchens, gypsum plasters and similar materials should be avoided. The effect of steam over time will bring the ceiling into disrepair. The most popular, among ceilings of this kind, are imported ceilings made mainly in France. The panels of such ceilings have a large surface area and their joints are less noticeable, which creates the illusion of the monolist of the structure. At the initial stage of installation, a special metal frame is mounted, the same type as used to install drywall structures. You should also install the profile along the edges of the structure, choosing it to the color of the future ceiling. After installation, such a ceiling serves about 25 years without losing appearance. The very surface of the ceiling itself can look completely different, depending on what type of system is installed (closed, open). Using a hidden type suspended system, you will get a smooth surface with the possibility of its decoration. Do not select support grilles in color panels, when installing an open system, the effect of combining colors can also be used to decorate. A very important stage is the installation of a lighting system. This type of ceiling is very convenient for the installation of lighting systems, in the space between it and the ceiling wall all the necessary wires, lamp cartridges are easily placed and there is enough space for the repair as necessary. Also, a suspended ceiling, will hide the tube communications systems and defects of the basic ceiling wall. This type of ceilings is also very practical, it does not absorb odors, but to clean it, you can use any remedy based on alcohol, mixtures are suitable for washing windows. The color design of ceilings of this type will allow you to divide the kitchen into several zones at the request of the customer.

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