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Pros and cons of the cork floor

by ladynews

Pros and cons of the cork floor

Floors made of natural materials are in great demand in our time, because they not only satisfy the great need for people for safe natural materials, which, according to many, should surround them, but also natural facing materials is prestigious and beautifully.

But if we talk about such an interesting floor, like a cork coating, it has not only decorative magnificent properties, but also outstanding technical properties. The main advantages of the cork floor can be called its immunity to moisture, its durability even when exposed to frequent chemical detergents.

Thus, if it were not for the high price of a cork coating for the floor, one could safely name this floor material literally perfect, since in addition to the high price there are no negative aspects in it. And especially the outstanding decorative properties of the cork floor should be noted, which even the parquet is not able to beat.

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