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Slag concrete

by ladynews

Slag concrete is a type of light concrete used to build the supporting and regulations. It is made in the form of blocks, panels and .T.D.

Types: thermal insulation; Constructive-heat-insulating; Constructive.

Composition:- cement; – water; -po, slag, coal combustion waste and other similar components.

Strength: from 950 to 1050 kgm2 – heat -insulating; From 1050 to 1200 kgm2 – constructive -heat -insulating; 1400 kgm2 – constructive;

Compression strength: 10 – thermal insulation; from 25 to 35 – constructive -the -insulating; 50 – constructive.


GOST 5578-94 – crushed stone and sand from toxins of ferrous and non -ferrous metallurgy for concrete. Specifications

GOST 26644-85 – crushed stone and sand from toxins of thermal power plants for concrete. Specifications

Perhaps it will be interesting to you:

1. We decided to build an apartment building in Bershad – aerated concrete blocks – the best material for construction – to bring from the factory to the Vinnitsa region a very inexpensive price and examples of use, see the Gazoblock website.

2. Library of regulatory documents.

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