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The interior in the style of modern Hong Kong apartments and why it is worth imitating the designers of this Chinese region

by ladynews

Hong Kong is a place that perfectly illustrates the loads and stress that residents of modern large megacities receive. People often do not have time to decorate their homes, so apartments receive either basic design based on the main needs, or are issued by hired professional designers. It is also worth recalling that most people in any metropolis of the world can afford not huge mansions, but only a limited space that must be used in the best way. Often the design of small apartments is an attempt to make rooms visually more and better than they are.

The small tricks of the inhabitants of Hong Kong can be useful to any resident of the metropolis who is trying to find a way to equip his apartment well.

Since most apartments are small enough, furniture requirements are constantly tightened from different points of view. All those furniture companies that are trying to find a way to use free space are won, and at the same time leave the piece of furniture beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, such innovative furniture in Russia is expensive, but you can, based on different concepts found on the Internet, ask to do something like that.

In general, the selection of cheap, compact and beautiful furniture in Russia is a difficult matter. In China, it is easier to find furniture that combines all three of these qualities, but in the Russian market it is a problem. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how you want to implement the design of your apartment – you can use the services of a master who knows where to “dial” the necessary furniture items (but you will have to pay for the work of this master), or spend time on independent searches.

We do not advise you to buy furniture on the websites of online stores where several factories are sold at once. Such sites depend on these factories (suppliers), so even if the manager assures you that the furniture will come to you in a week, this does not mean that it will be, because the final word behind the factory and for those who transport furniture from the factory in the factory store, and from the store to you.

If you liked the furniture of a factory, try to directly contact the factory itself. If this is not possible, find a store where the necessary furniture is available. This will save you from delays, downtime and situations when you have to make a refund without even waiting for the right product and without looking at it with your own eyes. Another option is to buy in a store that has a physical store or show room. In such stores, furniture will cost more than in online stores, but you can look at it (or at least look at the samples) and immediately, signing the supply agreement, stipulate the delivery time.

In any case, the selection of furniture is one of the most difficult stages of apartment design. It is best if you immediately form the necessary idea of ​​what furniture you need and “pick up” a combined set. Then just buy interior objects. Otherwise, you will have to buy one interior item first, and then look for the rest to it. And this is often more complicated than the original selection of furniture combining each other.

In the end, there is Ikea, which even during the period of increasing the euro course has inexpensive and neat furniture in its assortment, many options of which are aimed precisely to create useful space in compact apartments.

Furniture in a modern small apartment should take up little space, be practical and useful, as well as attractive.

The living room or any other zone of the house where the guests are accepted is the most important part of the house. In Russian apartments, quite often the place of reception of guests is the kitchen, respectively, it is here that the rules for the design used for the living room should be used. It is believed that the bedroom should be equipped according to their own preferences and on the basis of their personal imagination, and the living room is equipped according to the rules of professionals. Here are some principles of designing the living room: it should be very convenient to sit, there should be several seats, a carpet or a rug under the feet is an appropriate and cozy addition, light colors are preferred.

Many people believe that for the design you should choose the style of a particular culture. In fact, the average housing of a resident of the metropolis is designed in a style that combines the traditions of eastern and western culture. In Hong Kong apartments, the design of which includes the style of the East, cherry colors, drawings with pigeons or ladies in Kimano are often used. The choice of furniture in different cultures is different, for example, in Western culture in living rooms do not install couchs and chests that are so popular in eastern culture.

The design plan of almost every kitchen in Hong Kong apartments is focused on facilitating work in the kitchen. Modular kitchens are especially popular.

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