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The use of porcelain tiles in landscape design

by ladynews

Landscaping is becoming more and more popular. If earlier summer residents were mainly engaged in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, paying only minimal attention to the improvement of their site, now the decoration of the local area and the creation of a cozy environment come to the fore. Owners of country houses show their individuality, arranging arbors in the courtyard and in the garden, flower beds, fountains, ponds and paths. And, of course, the walls and floors of the premises are faced with natural and spectacular porcelain tiles, as beautiful and high -quality as Cir Underground.

The use of porcelain tiles

Porcelain stoneware – excellent natural, durable and environmentally friendly material. It is even better than natural kamen, since it withstands rains and snow, temperature changes, bright sunlight and mechanical exposure, such as scratching and loading. Porcelain tiles look beautiful and spectacular, creating an elite highly artistic design. And its cost is much more democratic than that of natural stone. Therefore, this unique material is widely used in such areas:

For decoration of facades. Porcelain stoneware can be attached to the wall using special frost -resistant glue or a special ventilated structure. Thus, the building in the heat will not heat up, and in winter it will maintain heat, and condensation will not form on the inner surface of the facade. Such a cladding will look as beautiful and stylish as the Cir Flair ceramic tile in the interior.

For paving garden paths. To do this, you need to make a foundation for paths, filling it with cement, and lay out with ceramic granite on top. If there are many fragments, then you can make an interesting mosaic from them, using your artistic taste.

For decorating the coast of ponds, fountains and water bodies. This material is waterproof and will serve as a decoration of your reservoir.

Use porcelain stoneware to decorate your home and garden. This material will not only serve forever, without fear of frost, no rain, no loads. He will help you create your little masterpieces in the country, turning it into a cozy corner with your individuality.

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