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Unsublished board

by ladynews

Unsoluble board is the result of the cut of the log along the barrel, the resulting material is not processed and therefore it has a careless view with elements of the tree bark at the edges. There are no certain sizes as such, since the thickness here depends on the thickness of the sawed tree. To determine the cubatic for calculations, the upper and lower part of the board is taken and the difference is stolen.

The use of a trimming board:

– Black finishing work,

– black construction work that does not require the use of good -type products.

Basically, a non -cut board is used for the construction of temporary barriers, formwork of concrete structures, for arranging black floors.

Most often, the following sizes are used:

– thickness 25mm (enclosing structure, flooring, roof crate);

– thickness 40 – 50mm (Black Paul manufacture).

Despite the gloomy appearance of an uneducated board, it is not inferior in characteristics from a trimmed board, not counting the appearance of course.

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