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Warm floor: electric or water

by ladynews

If at the owner of the house, he wants to equip a warm flooring system in his home, for a start it does not interfere with what are the features of this interesting attribute of our time. The fact is that their options today are presented in the market a lot. But even the sellers themselves know little about them.

The fundamental difference is observed between such variants of the warm floor as electric and water. How do they differ from each other? If a heating cable is used as an energy source, it must be connected to the mains. Such warm floors in Tula are especially popular.

But at the same time, you need to take into account, you have to pay not only the purchase and installation of this system, but also pay for large bills. In some cases, they take a rather impressive part of the family budget. Warm floors in the water principle seem more practical. But is it?

To connect such a system, you have to do a fairly large job. It is necessary to violate the integrity of the heating system, integrate a warm floor into it. Guarantees that after such an intervention the system will also work reliably, no. Therefore, you should think carefully before the choice.

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